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Braeside Surveyors provides a comprehensive range of Residential and Commercial property inspections, surveys and reports tailored to your individual requirements.

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braeside surveyors rics valuation

RICS Valuation

A valuation is required when:

  • selling or buying a property or changing your percentage share of your ownership
  • updating your property portfolio for accounting and tax purposes
  • when a relative has died and the property is subject to Probate.

A RICS Registered Valuer has the knowledge and experience to carry this out for you and that valuation has legal standing in a court of law.

How is a RICS Valuation different from the estate agent's?

The purpose of an estate agent is to sell a property for his client for the highest price.  An RICS Valuation establishes the Market Value “The price a willing seller and a willing purchaser will agree”. 

If there are many willing buyers for a property, the value will be established through competing bids and will be higher than for a similar property for which there is only one purchaser. The opposite is also true!

If you are purchasing a property without the need for borrowing you should still have a Valuation undertaken so that you know that you have not paid too much.

braeside rics valuations and surveys
braeside rics valuations and surveys
braeside rics valuations and surveys

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