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Braeside Surveyors provides a comprehensive range of Residential and Commercial property inspections, surveys and reports tailored to your individual requirements.

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  • Braeside Surveyors & Valuers Limited, 183-185 North Road, Preston, Lancashire. PR1 1YQ
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Homebuyer Report

Homebuyer Reports are recommended by the RICS for properties that have been built recently, are of standard construction and appear to be in good condition. Good condition means that you can move into the property without anything more than cosmetic repair such as redecoration.

This means that Homebuyer Reports are typically suitable for properties dating from the 1920s to the present day that have not been extended, maintained to a reasonable standard and are no larger than 5 bedrooms.

The report gives straightforward advice without the need for long technical explanations. Main issues will be reported but smaller items such as decoration and cosmetic damage will not be discussed at any length. A “Traffic light code” will be attached to each section; red light for “Beware” and a green light for satisfactory.

Where a red light is highlighted simple and straightforward advice will be given, it might mean a further report will be required (for example from a specialist company) so that you can obtain a realistic estimate to repair or replace that part of the building.

Note: Electric, gas, oil, water and drainage services are only visually inspected and the relevant qualified specialists should be employed.

You can also download RICS online resources shown below:

braeside rics valuations and surveys
braeside rics valuations and surveys
braeside rics valuations and surveys

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